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  1. Tinkerer with keen interest in containers, performance and automation. Currently focused on Shopify's Kubernetes based PaaS


  1. Master's degree, Software engineering, Information security, 2007-2013, TTY
  2. Thesis studied modern high availability architectures when implementing web applications


ProgrammingProficient with Ruby and Golang, especially in the domain of infrastructure. Background in Java EE development.
ContainersExpertise on containers and container ecosystem (Docker, Kubernetes etc). Worked with Docker since 2014, written tools like custom garbage collection in Golang in the past. Currently working on Kubernetes controllers
Configuration management toolsLegacy background in Chef, some work done with Ansible. Currently building on top of Terraform to automate provisioning of k8s clusters.
Performance tuning/testingUsed and built different benchmarking tools over the years from JMeter to wrk to Shopifys custom tool. Interested in tracing and debuggers, but trying to understand the full stack that goes in to eg. answering a HTTP request.
Operating systems15+ years of experience with Linux. Hands on experience with Solaris and FreeBSD. Familiar with the main distributions and package manager, GNU tools etc.
MiscellanousFamiliar with networking (routing, VPN, firewalls, IPv6 etc). Experience with planning out hardware builds for servers and developing bootstrapping automation for bare metal

Non-technical skills

Fixing VW BeetlesBasics

Shopify Finland

Operations Engineer07/2014->
  • Keeping sure that the Shopify platform serves it's customers 24/7. Mainly focusing on k8s based intenal PaaS
  • Ruby, Golang, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, HA, SaaS, Virtualization, AWS, GCP, Nginx, MySQL, RoR

Solita Oy Tampere, Finland

DevOps Engineer05/2013-07/2014
  • Architecting scalable and automated service platforms for Web applications. Monitoring and coding everything and enjoying the new open source tools.
  • Opscode Chef, Cloud, Ruby, Linux, HA, SaaS, Virtualization, Nginx

Solita Oy Tampere, Finland

Software Developer03/2010-05/2013
  • Daily work consists of drinking coffee and creating tailored services for demanding customers. Technologies include Java,Wicket and Javascript, but of course SQL is involved in the mix too.
  • Java, Spring, Wicket, Tomcat, Glassfish, MySQL, Oracle SQL, Javascript, JMeter

Axu TM Tampere, Finland

Systems Management Consultant11/2009-01/2012
  • Consulting customers in *NIX system administration and how to improve their infrastructre.
  • Linux, Apache, Postfix, Chroot, Virtualization